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Section 96:
Any Architect established in Cameroon and who meets the conditions set out in Article 35 of Law No. 09/041 of August 10, 1990 relating to the exercise and organization of the profession of Architect in Cameroon may send his application for registration with the Council of the Order

Trainee enrollment process

01.the Intern

  • Retrieves the internship file from the site

  • Looking for an internship with approved firms or institutions;

  • Presents your file to the internship boss

  • Post your completed file Pay your course registration fees

  • Recover your Intern QRcode. It will be affixed to all documents produced by the trainee, in particular the registration file documents 

Ombre d'un arbre sur un mur

02.the Internship Master

  • Analyzes the file

  • Receives the candidate for an interview;

  • Enlist the intern via the letter  commitment given in model 

  • Signs the Terms of Reference for the content required in the internship

  • Complete the Internship Boss form

  • Confirms its agreement to the Office for the enlistment of the Trainee

  • The Trainee's QRcode is then assigned to them;

03. the Internship

  • Realization according to the TOR

  • Stamping of the Intern's QRcode, of all the files on which he/she has participated, including the Boss's visa;

  • Writing of an internship report by the Intern

  • Sending of the completed form to the Office of the Order by the Patron;

04. registration of the Trainee on the board

  • Sending of the completed form to the Office of the Order by the Patron

  • Analysis of application files for registration

  • Hearing of candidates eligible for Registration by the Office

  • Change from Trainee QRcode to Member QRcode;

  • Pay the mandatory subscriptions for registration on the Table 

Section 97:
(1) Before their first registration, each Architect is required to complete a professional internship lasting 24 months
(2) Architects with professional practice outside Cameroon of a duration greater than or equal to (5) years are subject to an internship lasting (6) months.
(3) Architects serving in a Public Administration where they carry out activities related to the profession are authorized to request registration on the Order's roll after a period of activity greater than or equal to twelve (12) months
(4)Internships must be fullycarried out on Cameroonian territory

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